Building stress resilience

Did you know that being stressed a lot of the time is associated with

  • A five-fold increased risk of dying from heart-related problems.
  • Double the risk of developing diabetes in men.
  • A 65% increased risk of developing dementia.
  • Double the chance of developing obesity.
  • A 12% lower likelihood of conception if you’re a fertile women.
  • An increased risk of breast cancer (study references in the Report below)

That’s enough to stress anyone out!

But there is a simple ‘Quick Coherence’ technique, developed and proven to work by the world-renowned HeartMath Institute, that gets you out of a stress state into a resilient state in about a minute

The trick – and this is important to know – is that there are more neuronal connections from the heart to the ‘limbic’ brain, where a stress ‘fight/flight’ adrenal state is triggered, than from the brain to the heart. What this means is that ‘feeling’ is much more important than ‘thinking’ when it comes to stress.

Our knee-jerk reaction when stressed is to over-think it through and try to think, or rationalise your way out of stress. But actually evoking a positive emotional state most rapidly turns off stress. What this also means is that how we feel in any given moment determines whether or not we’ll perceive any particular set of circumstances as stressful.

When Winston Churchill said “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, while an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” That’s what he was getting at.

Read the Report Transform Stress with the Science of the Heart in your Library.