Rapid relaxation - Food for the Brain

Rapid relaxation

Every day we all need to have at least half an hour in a relaxed state. How often does that happen for you?

In this report in your Library, you will discover that there are a number of simple techniques, some with audio instructions, to lead you into a deeply relaxed state.

Too many people live almost permanently in a state of ‘alert’ waiting for that call, scanning for problems, plagued by ‘to do’ lists, never actually relaxing and switching off. There is a saying “Don’t worry. Nothing is under control.” On the one hand, trying to control everything is really tiring and, on the other hand, we all want to be in control.

But the way to be in control is to develop a higher perspective whereby you don’t get pulled ‘off centre’ every time something happens out of the ordinary which is inevitable. The Irish say “That can happen”.

As well as these techniques there’s a few things we recommend: