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Step it up

It’s time to put a number on your actual daily movement and the easiest way to do this is by counting your daily steps via a free app on your phone. To make this real, on your smart phone you can download for free the Health App (Apple) or Google Fit App (android) which then counts your daily steps as long as your phone is on you. Do this now.

Now keep your phone on you as you move around today and, at the end of the day, record your daily steps on your Cognition Dashboard. Call this Day 1.

You’re aiming to increase your daily steps by a minimum of 10% a week, or a maximum of 20%. If you start at 2,000 and add 200 steps per day each week that’s’ great. If you’re at 4,000 steps already then getting up to 4,400 in this week is also great. While 8,000 steps a day is considered optimal what’s much more important is to make sustainable improvements as you ‘activate’ your lifestyle.

You’ll see on the Dashboard you can enter your steps on any day, but give it a number eg ‘Day 3’, with Day 1 being your first measure. It will then show you your rate of improvement over time. Your goal is a weekly 14% improvement, or 2% a day.