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Stimulate your mind in the morning

When you wake up in the morning does it take a while for your mind to click into gear or do you scroll through all your problems and worries until you generate enough adrenal stress hormones to get you going?

Here’s a different strategy. Make yourself a hot drink and play a mind game. One of the most popular is Wordle. The New York Times one is freely available at Others like a bit of Soduko:] which you can play online or in books.

Two apps that have high ratings are Brain HQ and Lumosity. Brain HQ  adapts according to your needs – do you want better memory, better attention or faster processing? The recommendation is to do at least 60-90 minutes training a week, perhaps in three 20-minute sessions:

Lumosity is also adaptive and achieves much the same improvement in cognition:

Both Lumosity and Brain HQ initially require your attention for up to half an hour to give you a series of exercises to establish your baseline. So, when you’re ready to check these out, make sure you have that uninterrupted time available.