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The best oils for salads and cooking

Depending on what oil you use for cold use, such as salad dressings, or for cooking such as steam-frying, sautéing or frying, you can increase your intake of helpful antioxidants or harmful antioxidants.

Read the Report ‘Which are the Best Oils’ in the Cognition Library.

You’ll discover that when you cook with an oil you want to – a) use a close to saturated fat which is close to solid at room temperature and b) never go above the ‘smoke point’. That’s when you’re really generating oxidants. Some oils have a higher smoke point than others.


Then there are oils that contain polyphenols and are positively good for your brain. One hero oil is virgin cold-pressed, preferably organic, olive oil. The good stuff is for cold use only as its almost a medicine for your brain and body, reducing inflammaging. But how do know which oil is the best? Read the report and all will be revealed.