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Why normalising homocysteine and supporting methylation is key

Every second there are hundreds of millions of ‘methylation’ reactions occurring in your brain and body which dependent on B vitamins. To name a few:

Think of methylation as the master builder of your brain. To understand this more visually, now watch this film ‘How to Keep Building Brain Cells’ here  showing how methylation helps build brain cells (neurons).

Also watch this short interview with Professor David Smith from the University of Oxford, ‘Why Lowering Homocysteine with B vitamins is Vital for Alzheimer’s Prevention‘ in your Library.

You’ll see why all the B vitamins in the world, driving healthy methylation, will do nothing if you’re omega-3 deficient and, conversely, even if your omega-3 level is high, if you’re not doing methylation properly this vital brain fat won’t build your brain.

Now – you want to make the invisible visible and answer the question ‘am I a good methylator?’ Fortunately it is simple to find out. If you’re not, for whatever reason, your blood level of homocysteine will go up.

Homocysteine is pronounced ‘ho·mo·sis·teen’. In the science world it is abbreviated to Hcy which is what we’ll do from now on.

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You want your homocysteine level to be below 10mcmol/l. Above 11.3, there’s clear evidence of increased brain shrinkage. However, geneticists tell us that we protect our genes mostly with a level below 7.5 (1)

Meanwhile, cardiologists report that below 9 means greatest survival rates and lowest risk for both strokes and cardiovascular disease. Our guideline is to have your homocysteine to be around a tenth of your age – if you’re over 50, and certainly not over 10. On average, it does go up with age, but who wants to be average, with average poor health and risk for disease?

In the next email we’ll explain exactly which nutrients are key to keeping your Hcy level optimal and therefore what you need to eat and drink, or not eat and drink, and what to supplement.