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Your B vitamin domain – how have you progressed?

Congratulations. You’ve finished a month focussing on optimising your methylation, supported by your intake of B vitamins and reflected by a lower homocysteine level. This should have a positive knock-on effect on your memory, concentration and mental clarity.

If you have tested, or re-tested your Homocysteine level how has it improved? You want this below 10mcmol/l and closer to 7mcmol/l or less if you are under 70. Don’t forget to enter your results in the questionnaire which will also alter your score for this domain.

To see how much reduction you’ve achieved in your Dementia Risk Index click th,utton below to complete only the ‘B vitamin’ related questions. This will show you, specifically, what level of improvement you’ve made over these past 4 weeks, what effect that has on your ‘B vitamin’ domain score, and your overall Dementia Risk Index.

You will then be asked to choose the next domain you’d like to focus on for the next 4 weeks. Note: if you got distracted and didn’t make many changes such that ‘B vitamin’ is still in your top two weakest domains you can choose to focus on this again with more resolve.