Diet and Lifestyle Considerations in Parkinson's Disease - Food for the Brain
30 May

Diet and Lifestyle Considerations in Parkinson's Disease

Date: 30 May 2022
Time: 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Attend virtually:

Parkinson’s disease is a complex neurodegenerative condition that affects 1-2% of people over the age of 65.

The condition is associated with symptoms including tremors, muscle rigidity, and sleep and mental health problems including anxiety and depression. Mainstream medicine can help suppress symptoms by supporting dopamine synthesis.

In this webinar we will explore many of the symptoms, possible triggers, and discuss how diet and lifestyle changes may benefit someone with Parkinson’s.

** This webinar is pitched at all levels of understanding **
*** We do record all of our webinars so if you cannot attend live you will be sent a recording ***

About Ray Griffiths

Ray Griffiths is a Registered Nutritionist and Lecturer and has been researching and practising nutritional therapy for over 20 years. Ray’s MSc dissertation was on the role that mitochondria play in Parkinson’s disease. His lectures and webinars have covered diverse subjects such as: cancer and nutrition, depression, chronic fatigue, cardiovascular health, neurodegeneration, MS and ageing. He is the author of three books “Depression: The Mind-Body Diet and Lifestyle Connection”, “Mitochondria in Health and Disease” and “Parkinson’s Disease: An In-Depth Metabolic Guide”.