The Importance of Nutritious Food for the Mental Well Being of our Children - Food for the Brain
1 Jul

The Importance of Nutritious Food for the Mental Well Being of our Children

Date: 1 July 2021
Time: 9:00am to 10:00am

Attend virtually:

Despite the advent of medications and other therapies over the last 50 years, the rates of mental illness have been on the rise rather than a decline. Over the last decade, scientists have been uncovering an uncomfortable truth: What we eat is affecting our mental health. This talk will discuss the vital importance of ensuring our children have access to nutrient dense food in order to ensure the brain has the foundation it requires to function optimally.

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About Prof Julia Rucklidge:

Julia is a Professor of Clinical Psychology in the School of Psychology, Speech and Hearing at the University of Canterbury and the Director of the Mental Health and Nutrition Research Lab, Te Puna Toiora and co-author of The Better Brain. Originally from Toronto, Canada, she completed her PhD at the University of Calgary in clinical psychology followed by a two-year post-doctoral Fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. In 2000, she immigrated to New Zealand. In the last decade, she and her lab have been running clinical trials investigating the role of broad-spectrum micronutrients in the treatment of mental illness, specifically ADHD, mood disorders, addictions, anxiety and stress. She recently created a free EdX online course for the public on mental health and nutrition. Having witnessed conventional treatments failing so many people, Julia is passionate about helping people find alternative treatments for their psychiatric symptoms. Through her focus on translating research into practice, she hopes to help make nutritional interventions mainstream.