Sleep Deprivation & Adolescence (2010)

This study investigated sleep deprivation & adolescence. Later parent-set bedtimes and correspondingly shorter sleep duration appears to be related to the development of depression in adolescence, a cross-sectional analysis showed. In the sample 24% of adolescents were shown to experience depression when going to sleep at midnight or later. In addition to depression, adolescents with later bedtimes also had a greater risk of having a 20% increased incidence of suicidal thoughts, compared with adolescents who went to bed before 10:00pm.

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Gangwisch, J. E., Babiss, L. A., Malaspina, D., Turner, J. B., Zammit, G. K., & Posner, K. (2010). Earlier parental set bedtimes as a protective factor against depression and suicidal ideation. Sleep33(1), 97–106.