because prevention is better than cure.

because prevention is better than cure.

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Important, please watch the video, read the background and all instructions then Scroll Down to take the test

What you’ll learn:
  • Find out where you are on the cognitive function scale
  • Learn the most important dietary and lifestyle actions you can take
  • Take control of your mental wellbeing
  • Contribute to the Food for the Brain research process

Memory loss is preventable

Memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s, which accounts for two thirds of dementia, are not conditions you suddenly get, like an infection. They are not the natural consequence of ageing nor are they genetic.

Only 1% of Alzheimer’s are caused by genes.

It is possible to identify your risk factors – most of which are under your control – and show you how to protect your brain function. The sooner you start the better, because the most subtle cognitive decline can start 40 years before a diagnosis – but it is never too late.

What’s more, by measuring your cognitive function right now you can track improvement as you make positive changes. Our COGNITIVE FUNCTION TEST is the first-ever free, validated, digital version of what gets measured in memory clinics.

It takes 15 minutes to complete, and must be done without interruptions and on a screen no smaller than a tablet or computer – not a phone. Mobile phone screens are too small and some features may not work properly.

There are also a few simple questions to answer to help us assess your future ‘dementia risk Index’ and advise you on key steps to dementia-proof your diet and lifestyle, based on recommendations of our expert Scientific Advisory Board.

Take the test now, not only to help yourself, but to help us research what really prevents cognitive decline. Over 360,000 people have taken the test. Independent research by University College London and the North East NHS Foundation Trust, published in the European Journal of Psychiatry reports that nine in ten (88%) find it useful in ‘understanding how to be proactive in maintaining healthy cognitive function’.

“Nine out of ten (88%) find the test useful…”

European Journal of Psychiatry (September, 2021)

Why not become one of these people yourself and learn how to optimise your brain function and memory to reduce your risk of losing it later in life. Don’t wait until it is too late.

The first step, before taking the test is to ‘register’. We need your email to send you your results, and to remind you annually to retake the test, which is a condition of use of the Cognitive Function Test because your progress becomes part of the hundreds of thousands of people taking the test to enable us to research what really helps prevent dementia. You select a password, which can be your name or email, to give you access to your results as they change over time. Your data is strictly confidential to you and ‘anonymised’ for our research purposes.

If anything is still unclear please check our FAQs here.