Test Kits – COMING SOON!

Will you join our Brain Upgrade Project? All it takes is a pin
prick of blood using a home test kit to measure your homocysteine (B vitamin
status), omega-3, vitamin D and HbA1c (glucose control). Optimising these are
associated with the lowest risk for Alzheimer’s and the best brain function. Only by
doing this research can we truly find out what the optimal levels really are and what
diet and lifestyle changes improve your results.

As well as recording your changes, hopefully improvements over time of your
cognitive function via the Cognitive Function Test (CFT) you just did, and your
Dementia Risk Index (DRI) via the online questionnaire you’ve completed, we want
to record your blood levels of the four most essential markers of brain health.
Combined together this is your Dementia Risk Index functional
Test (DRiFT) score
. This is recorded in your DASHBOARD.

We will advise you what to do – eat and supplement – to optimise your test

Our most comprehensive bundle of tests will be the Comprehensive – Cognitive Health Test Kit – Calculates your DRIfT by measuring Homocysteine + Omega-3 + Vitamin D + HbA1c

If you are interested in getting involved in this new and exciting phase of our research and want to be notified when the tests are available to order, click below, fill in the short form and we’ll let you know the minute you can access them.