Food for the Brain - Nutrition, Mental Wellbeing and Cognitive Health
  • We’re here to help you support your mental health

    At Food for the Brain Foundation, we are dedicated to generating awareness about the important role that nutrition and lifestyle plays in mental wellbeing and cognitive health.

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  • Cognitive Function Test

    Are you concerned about memory loss or your risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s?

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  • Catering Accreditation

    Our accreditation is available to all food service operators who want to highlight their commitment to optimising their end users’ brain health and mental wellbeing

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  • Alzheimer’s Prevention

    Half of the risk for developing dementia and Alzheimer’s is preventable and most of this risk relates to nutrition and lifestyle factors.

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Cognitive Function Test

Our cognitive function test can help you identify early signs of cognitive decline, as well as give some personalised dietary and lifestyle guidance to help you take positive steps to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Our Campaigns

Smart Kids

Take our free online questionnaire to find out how you can improve your child’s diet to help support their learning and development. Access our free educational resources such as recipes, healthy weaning and shopping ideas.

Alzheimer’s Prevention

Take our free online cognitive function test and receive our top prevention steps to optimise your cognitive health and help prevent the development of Alzheimer’s.

Step Forward Fund

Help those on low incomes, with debilitating mental health conditions, access nutritional support. Learn about how the Step Forward Fund has improved the lives of individuals through personalised dietary and lifestyle changes.

How we help


Access our educational resources on nutrition guidance for a wide range of mental and cognitive health conditions

Health Professionals

Learn from experts in the field of nutrition and mental health via live online and public events, as well as recorded seminars and webinars.


Find out how you can improve your workforce’s health and mental wellbeing through our corporate wellness and catering accreditation services

Cognitive Function Test

Nutrition for your Brain Health

Read our resources on nutrition guidance for brain health

Our Impact

84%Success rate

In improving the lives of those on low incomes, with debilitating mental health conditions, through our Step Forward Fund


Over 500,000 meals are served every year supporting mental wellbeing and brain health through our unique food and catering accreditation


Through our cognitive function test, we help those concerned with their memory and brain health take positive steps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Why optimum nutrition is important for the brain

The brain is the most energy-hungry organ in the body. Despite the fact that it weighs just 1.5kg, it steals roughly 25% of the body’s energy requirements. It is therefore dependent on a second-to-second supply of energy, which is only provided by the food we eat.

Some of our clients

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