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    Become a Citizen Scientist!

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    Cognitive Function Test

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How we help

For you

Access our educational resources on nutrition guidance for a wide range of mental and cognitive health conditions

Health Professionals

Learn from experts in the field of nutrition and mental health via our seminars and webinars.
Access our database of pertinent research on nutrition and brain health.


Support your workforce’s health and mental wellbeing through our corporate wellness program and catering accreditation services.

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Our Current Campaigns

COGNITION Development Fund

To build on your results from our upgraded Cognitive Function Test, help us make COGNITION, our interactive behavioural change programme really effective by researching ‘what’ prevents cognitive decline and ‘how’ to encourages those changes in thousands of people.

COGNITION for Smart Kids Devolpment Fund

Children are our future and optimally nourishing them nutritionally, socially, intellectually and emotionally is vital for their health and happy future. We are now developing COGNITION for Smart Kids, following in the footstep of all that we’ve learn from COGNITION.

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Our Impact


Over 500,000 meals served every year supporting mental wellbeing and brain health through our unique food and catering accreditation


Through our Cognitive Function Test and COGNITION we help those concerned with their memory and brain health take positive steps to support their cognitive health and prevent Alzheimer’s disease

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