• Cognitive Function Test

    Cognitive Function Test

    Find out where you are on the cognitive function scale and the simple actions you can take

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  • Become a Friend of Food for the Brain

    Become a Friend of Food for the Brain

    The first step is to become a Friend and join our community of like-minded people.

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  • Webinar - Reclaim Your Brain

    Webinar – Reclaim Your Brain

    How to Dementia Proof your Diet & Lifestyle.
    Sept 19th

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  • Alzheimer's Is Preventable Campaign

    Alzheimer’s Is Preventable Campaign

    Only 1 in 100 cases of Alzheimer’s are caused by genes. Much of the risk relates to nutrition and lifestyle factors that we can change

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  • Optimum Nutrition for the Mind Masterclass

    Optimum Nutrition for the Mind Masterclass

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How we help

For you

Access our educational resources on nutrition guidance for a wide range of mental and cognitive health conditions

Health Professionals

Learn from experts in the field of nutrition and mental health via our seminars and webinars.
Access our database of pertinent research on nutrition and brain health.


Support your workforce’s health and mental wellbeing through our corporate wellness program and catering accreditation services.

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Our Current Campaigns

Cog-nition Development Fund

To build on your results from our upgraded Cognitive Function Test, help us bring Cog-nition, our interactive behavioural change programme to fruition

Step Forward Fund

Our aim is to educate more widely about the important role that nutrition plays in supporting mental health and wellbeing. We are keen to work with disadvantaged groups especially those living on a low income.

Some of our clients

Our Impact


Over 500,000* meals served every year supporting mental wellbeing and brain health through our unique food and catering accreditation (*before the pandemic)


Through our cognitive function test, we help those concerned with their memory and brain health take positive steps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease