Dietary Guidance for Mental Wellbeing & Cognitive Health

Nutrition is so important for the brain. Much like a performance car, the brain functions best when it runs on premium fuel. We aim to support you as an individual by educating you in an easy to understand way on aspects related to mental health and how nutrition fits in the bigger picture to support you.

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  • Nutrition information by condition

    Access guidance on dietary changes and lifestyle measures to support your mental health. We share detailed nutrition information by condition and include practical tips for you to use.

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  • Why nutrition is so important for the brain

    Nutrition is so important for the brain. The brain is the most energy-hungry organ in the body. Despite the fact that it weighs just 1.5kg, it steals roughly 25% of the body’s energy requirements.

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  • Nutrition support throughout the life span

    We seek to educate about optimal nutrition for brain development and health across the lifespan. For each life stage we drill down into the science behind particular challenges, key nutrients and impo

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Your website gives valuable wisdom to nurture our mental health, which is a defining factor of our existence and what we are able to contribute to humanity

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