Citizen Science is the way to end Alzheimer’s and put health back into healthcare!

Did you ever get the sense that healthcare as we know it is broken and you’re unlikely to get the help you need when you need it? Many people and organisations are working towards create a new healthcare system that works and is based on what’s really driving disease.

How can you get involved? The first step is to become a Citizen Scientist. What this means is that, by completing our Cognitive Function test, then making the changes you can, you are helping, us along with thousands of others, to research, publish and educate what really works to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Later in 2023 you’ll be able to have home test blood tests and if you do this, tracking your biological progress annually, that further helps us.

A green Citizen Scientist badge, with the quote "optimum nutrition is the future of medicine".

Either joining as a FRIEND or as a COGNITION user, which makes you a FRIEND, you are then part of a group of like-minded people committed to educating yourself and taking charge of your own health – with our guidance and support.

This month I’m meeting thousands of GPs, doctors and health practitioners, talking first at the Public Health Collaboration conference in Sheffield on May 19/20, then the World Council of Health ‘Better Way’ conference on June 2nd and then at the Integrated and Personalised Medicine 3 day congress in London on June 30th . The World Council of health was set up as a direct alternative to the World Health Organisation which has been taken over by private and commercial interests. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation alone is responsible for over 88 per cent of private funding.

My goal is to enrol as many GPs, doctors and practitioners in getting their patients to do the on-line Cognitive Function Test , which them motivates people to make the necessary changes to eliminate their future risk of dementia. We are hoping to end 2024 to have over half a million people involved as Citizen Scientists, which means we’ll have more research data on what really works for dementia prevention than the UK Biobank.

If you haven’t already done the test please, not only do it here , but encourage everyone you know over 40 to do the test.

Check out these conferences here:

How to become a Citizen Scientist:

  • Complete the Cognitive Function Test yearly
  • Tell all your friends, especially those over 50, to do the same
  • Follow as much health advice as you can to enable tracking what happens to health-conscious people
  • Become a FRIEND of Food for the Brain to support this kind of research, outreach and education.