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Scientific research shows that a significant proportion of dementia risk can be attributed to diet and lifestyle factors.  Simple changes in these areas can make a big difference to YOUR brain health.

Our goal is to save a third of people from getting dementia, which means a 100,000 fewer cases a year in the UK alone.

We already have a unique, validated online COGNITIVE FUNCTION TEST which so far has been completed by almost 400,000 users. In collaboration with leading dementia experts we have now also upgraded our “CFT” and incorporated a lifestyle questionnaire.  Together this will enable you to assess your DEMENTIA RISK INDEX.

You can help us to educate thousands more people by supporting us today.



Why we need funding:

Our next big step forward is a personalised and interactive online brain upgrade programme designed to help people make positive changes step by step, with the support of an engaging and encouraging community.

The basic COG-NITION® programme has already been designed and written.

Now we need to get it built and launched to reach as many people as possible with our positive and inspiring message.

We can only do this with your help! We need your donations in order to bring this to life and also to develop the full interactive version.


As a charity, we rely on donations to continue our work and help more people take control of their cognitive health.


Thank you for your help

We rely on your generous donations to ensure as many people as possible have access to our tests, vital information and educational tools, which may help inform decisions to improve the health of themselves and loved ones.

We have struggled throughout the pandemic to run our usual programmes and fundraisers and, as a result find ourselves with depleted reserves.

Since 2006 we have supported over 1M people

We have supported people via our educational resources, corporate services and previously, clinical work. This was only possible thanks to the generous support of our donors and corporate partners.

Our Impact


Through our cognitive function test, we help those concerned with their memory and brain health to take positive steps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease


Before the pandemic struck, over 500,000 meals were served every year supporting mental wellbeing and brain health through our unique catering accreditation.