because prevention is better than cure.

because prevention is better than cure.

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    We have reached millions, and helped educate, empower and motivate people towards better mental health thanks to donations.

    Current projects include Alzheimer’s prevention through the Cognitive Function Test and COGNITION and developing COGNITION for Smart Kids.

    As an independent charity with no ‘vested interest’ funding we rely exclusively on your support either by becoming a FRIEND or making a donation here.

    The ‘Enthuse’ portal, which helps multiply your donation with Gift Aid, asks for a ‘tip’ which you can opt to set to ‘0’.

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Your generous donations are crucial to help us continue our projects and campaigns. Please see below where your money will go and what we’re currently raising funds for.


We know how to prevent Alzheimer’s – it’s just not profitable. Less than 1% is ‘in the genes’. This year, thanks to your donations, over half a million people will have done the Cognitive Function Test, which now include the Dementia Risk Index questionnaire, which shows you exactly what’s driving your risk, and COGNITION the ‘Brain Upgrade’ programme. All of this has been made possible thanks to your donations.

From our experience with COGNITION for dementia prevention we are planning to introduce COGNITION for Smart Kids in 2024 to help parents make the key changes to support their child’s mental health and maximise their potential. Our ‘New Frontiers in Autism’ MASTERCLASS is part of this Smart Kids project.

Why we need funding:

Building the research database Doing research to find out what combinations of changes most protect cognition.

Doing and actioning research to learn how best to motivate people to make the key positiive changes Making inexpensive testing for omega-3, vitamin D, homocysteine and HbA1c(sugar) available Supporting less priviledged people to join COGNITION ocially prescribing COGNITION through GPs.

Funding the Smart Kids Project manager Developing the Smart Kids Test to assess a child’s status.
Creating COGNITION for Smart Kids Promoting the Autism MASTERCLASS far and wide.

Thank you for your help

You donation also helps support our educational activities and research helping those with a wide range of mental health issues from depression to schizophrenia.

if you’d like to discuss making a significant contribution email

Since 2006 we have supported over 1M people

We have supported people via our educational resources, corporate services and previously, clinical work. This was only possible thanks to the generous support of our donors and corporate partners.

Our Impact


Through our cognitive function test, we help those concerned with their memory and brain health to take positive steps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease


Before the pandemic struck, over 500,000 meals were served every year supporting mental wellbeing and brain health through our unique catering accreditation.