Vitamin D & Alzheimer's (2011) - Food for the Brain

Vitamin D & Alzheimer's (2011)

This study investigated vitamin D & Alzheimer’s. Scientists at Oxford University’s OPTIMA project revealed  findings that support a link between vitamin D and Alzheimer’s disease. The study, led by Professor David Smith (chair of our Scientific Advisory Board), looked at the gene for the vitamin D receptor, which manages the body’s response to vitamin D. The scientists compared the vitamin D receptor gene of 255 people with definite or probable Alzheimer’s with 260 healthy elderly people, and found that two slight changes in the genetic code which makes up the gene were associated with risk of Alzheimer’s. At this stage, these are very preliminary findings, and more research is needed to understand their significance.

Lehmann DJ, Refsum H, Warden DR, Medway C, Wilcock GK, Smith AD (2011) The vitamin D receptor gene is associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Neurosci Lett. Oct 24;504(2):79-82.

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