Who we are - Our team bring experience backed by science

Our wider team bring experience backed by science in order to educate about nutrition & lifestyle to support brain health.

Core Team

We have a committed core team who each bring valuable experience from other professions, mostly working part-time for the charity alongside other related roles and studies. We are supported by some key contractors and by volunteers in order to deliver our mission.

Everyone works remotely so please note we no longer have a dedicated physical office address. If you would like to contact us then please do so so by email, social media or phone if possible. Thanks!

Board of Trustees

We are governed by our Board of Trustees who meet at least quarterly to examine the affairs of the charity and ensure that everything is on track and in line with our statutes.

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of leading academics in nutrition, psychiatry, education, psychology, behaviour, brain biochemistry and cognitive testing. They provide their expert opinion on the evidence base for our campaigns as well as programs such as COG-NITION. They provide advice and recommendations regarding all scientific issues posed by the work of the charity. The Board reviews and evaluates the elements of our projects to ensure they are consistent with the best available science. This ties in wth our key aim to have experience backed by science.