Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals

Most healthcare professionals have received little or no formal nutrition education. This is especially true related to brain health. We endeavour to address this gap by assembling the latest research and evidence-based nutrition education information.

  • Research on nutrition and mental health

    Access research looking at the many aspects of nutrition and lifestyle factors and their influence on brain health

Learn about ground-breaking research on nutrition & Alzheimer’s

Learn about the research behind homocysteine, B vitamins and Omega 3 in the development of Alzheimer’s.

Access our research database

Access a wide range of references to abstracts of studies in the field of nutrition, mental wellbeing and cognitive health.

Webinars, Events and Recorded Conferences

Access a wide range of online material featuring experts in the field of nutrition and mental health

Learn about our catering accreditation

We help caterers and food service providers develop progressive nutritional strategies to highlight their commitment to providing food that supports their end users’ cognitive health and mental wellbeing.

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