Dietary Guidance for Mental Wellbeing & Cognitive Health
  • Nutrition for mental wellbeing and cognitive health

    Access a wide range of resources offering guidance on how to optimise your diet to support brain function and mental wellbeing at all life stages

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Our cognitive function test can help you identify early signs of cognitive decline, as well as give some personalised dietary and lifestyle guidance to help you take positive steps to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Nutrition for your mental health condition

Access dietary guidance for specific diagnoses

Nutrition for Children

Learn how to feed your child an optimal diet to support their learning and development.

Why is nutrition important for the brain?

The brain is the most energy-hungry organ in the body. Despite the fact that it weighs just 1.5kg, it steals roughly 25% of the body’s energy requirements. It is therefore dependent on a second-to-second supply of energy, which is only provided by the food we eat.

Our Alzheimer’s Prevention campaign

There is a growing body of research demonstrating the importance of nutrition and lifestyle factors in the development of Alzheimer’s. Explore our resources on up to date findings and the steps we need to take to help prevent cognitive decline.

Your website gives valuable wisdom to nurture our mental health, which is a defining factor of our existence and what we are able to contribute to humanity

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