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    Our accreditation is available to all food and catering service operators who want to highlight their commitment to optimising their end users’ mental wellbeing and brain health

We are changing minds through food and nutrition

The Food for the Brain Accreditation is an accreditation available to all food service operators and caterers that wish to develop progressive nutritional strategies or want to highlight excellent nutritional standards already in place.

The accreditation service is focused on promoting the importance of nutrition in mental wellbeing and brain health. We believe that food service operators and caterers can play an important role in encouraging healthier food choices, which can immediately help improve focus, energy and mood, as well as support long-term mental and physical health.

In addition to our accreditation, our team provides expertise in commercially viable approaches to encourage healthier eating including operational audits, action planning and menu redevelopment.

We can provide bespoke or standard training solutions to build nutritional  knowledge and aid commercial implementation, including modular ‘Food Service for Health’ courses and ‘Train the Trainer’ workshops.

Commitment to Healthy Eating

Accreditation by Food For The Brain clearly demonstrates that your business is genuinely committed to providing food that is both delicious and nutritious

Supports Improved Wellbeing and Productivity

A healthy workforce is widely recognised as being beneficial to employers as well as the individuals. Our collaborative approach provides caterers with practical tools to support improved customer wellbeing and productivity

Competitive Differentiation

We work with food service companies and caterers to find commercially viable solutions to providing healthy food within all sectors. With both the demand and need for healthier food increasing, our accreditation can add significant value to your business, customers and end-users

Recognition from Respected 3rd Party

Our accreditation service has been helping food service operators since 2007 delivering more than 500 000 healthy meals a year. Being Food for the Brain accredited, demonstrates that the food provided by your business has achieved the high standards set by an independent charity. It provides genuine evidence of your commitment and the efforts being made to provide healthy food.

Stage 1:


A review of the current situation will be conducted, including, menus, observations of food services online and onsite and meetings with key staff. The outcome of the review will be a commentary of your current provisions and a bespoke action plan for Food For The Brain accreditation.

Stage 2:

Implementation of action plan

Following the initial review the action plan will likely require some menu development, staff training in current nutritional thinking and some operational changes to enhance visibility and appeal of healthy options.

Stage 3:

Accreditation Audit

The first audit will take place after the full implementation of the action plan. This will become an annual audit carried out on your premises. It will require a full day to visit the food service accredited sites. A full report will be provided following the audit.  Successful accreditation will be followed by the provision of an accreditation “pack” with logos, conditions of use etc. Food for The Brain will also support communications and promotional activities associated with the accreditation.

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Some of our clients

We have worked with the charity, Food for the Brain, for over 10 years as part of our Good Food Policy. They offer the only specific nutritionally focused award, carrying out annual assessment over a robust range of indicators and apart from the status of being a Food For the Brain University, we have found the process very beneficial in terms of examining how we develop our food offer.

  1. Ian Macauley, Assistant Director of Catering. The University of Edinburgh

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