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  • Proritising employee mental health has never been so important

    In the past year 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. Learn how nutrition and lifestyle factors can increase resilience and support your employees’ health

Catering Accreditation

Accreditation by Food For The Brain clearly demonstrates that your business is genuinely committed to providing food that is both delicious and ‘brain healthy’

Enhance your Corporate Wellbeing programme with our educational tools

Based on scientific research, it is now widely recognised that dietary and lifestyle factors can have an enormous impact on both mental wellbeing and productivity.
We offer a tailored range of Corporate Wellbeing Services to educate and support your employees.

We have worked with the charity, Food for the Brain, for over 10 years as part of our Good Food Policy. They offer the only specific nutritionally focused award, carrying out annual assessment over a robust range of indicators and apart from the status of being a Food For the Brain University, we have found the process very beneficial in terms of examining how we develop our food offer.

  1. Ian Macauley, Assistant Director of Catering The University of Edinburgh

The epidemic of stress in the workplace

Since the Thriving at Work report in 2017 the focus of supporting Employee’s mental health and wellbeing has increased with key actions put in place such as flexible working options/improved work–life balance and training in coping techniques or mindfulness aimed at building personal resilience

However nutritional strategies are rarely discussed and this is where we seek to fill the gap….

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