Autism & Digestion (2005)

This study explored autism & digestion. In the study, the role of immune sensitivity to dietary proteins in young children with autism was investigated. Of 109 children with autism, 75 had symptoms of digestive disturbance and 34 did not. 15 had known food hypersensitivities. Controls were 19 non-autistic children. Immune system markers of hypersensitivity to three milk proteins, gliadin (a gluten protein) and soy were measured. Children with autism showed a significant immune response to lactoglobulin (a milk protein) and those with digestive symptoms also showed a significant immune response to gliadin, compared to controls. However, no unusual response to casein (a milk protein) or soy was observed.

H Jyonouchi et al., ‘Evaluation of an association between gastrointestinal symptoms and cytokine production against common dietary proteins in children with autism spectrum disorders.’, J Pediatr, vol 146(5):605-10, 2005

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