Upgrade Your Brain with

COGNITION® puts prevention into action – one person and one step at a time.

COGNITION is a personalized, interactive brain upgrade programme to help everyone dementia-proof their diet and lifestyle.

COGNITION guides you, step by step, with interactive support, giving you the means to lower your Dementia Risk Index closer to zero, our goal being to get you under 10% (in the green) within six months. How?

You’ll start receiving doable instructions, simple exercises and encouragements and reminders to make gradual changes to your diet and lifestyle, with supportive ‘engagements’ including access to free apps as well as being able to join our Facebook group where you can interact and learn from others and share what works for you. You’ll have your own library of health enhancing resources.

You’ll have your own COGNITION Dashboard tracking exactly how you’re doing as you move towards you goal of dementia-proofing your diet and lifestyle.

Step by step, domain by domain, COGNITION takes you towards zero risk measuring your progress along the way.

Why six months? It takes three weeks to break a habit, six weeks to make a new habit and six months to hard-wire a habit. You’ll be guided to make the changes that will have the most impact on your risk. At the end of each month, or less depending on your progress, you’ll be able to check that domain and see the progress you make next with the goal being to bring each domain into the green.

At the end of six months you’ll re-measure your Cognitive Function (CFT) and your Dementia Risk Index and see how, when the DRI goes down CFT improves or stabilises in the optimum green zone.

Warning. COGNITION may seriously improve your health

There is, however, one side effect you need to be aware of: every major 21st century disease, including weight gain, diabetes, depression, insomnia, anxiety, heart disease, polycystic ovaries and infertility, even most cancers, are driven by exactly the same eight domains. So, in the process of reducing your future risk of dementia you’ll be reducing your risk for so many other avoidable health issues as well.

COGNITION membership also makes you a Friend of Food for the Brain with access to:
MY LIBRARY – a growing library of health reports and filmed interviews with experts in mental health
PAST WEBINARS – a growing library of past webinars with world class pioneers

You will be invited to join the private FRIEND’S FACEBOOK GROUP where you can ask questions, share experiences with others, and find out what works.

Most of all, becoming a Friend means you become part of our growing community of citizen health scientists helping to find out what really works for reducing cognitive decline and supports the essential work of the charity, educating people on the importance of nutrition for brain health, providing free resources that help people manage their condition, and helps us reach thousands more people to help them take steps towards reducing their risk of dementia in the future.