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How to get a good night’s sleep

Getting good quality, undisturbed sleep is the best start to a day you can ever have. The question is how?


Today’s assignment is to read the Report The Power of Sleep in your Library.

You’ll find so many simple suggestions to nudge you before bed into a deep sleep, from a simple sound track called Silence of Peace which switches off active/beta-waves in the brain to calming alpha waves.

Here’s some feedback we received from people who downloaded this. Sue, who suffered from PTSD. “I used to sleep about 3 hours and woke every 45 mins. The improvement happened from night one, now just one week later I am sleeping 6 to 7 hours. If I wake – which is becoming rare I simply tune in again! I haven’t heard the end of the CD yet.

“Peter was too stressed to meditate and uses Silence of Peace to calm down. “I couldn’t believe it. In seconds I felt my heart slowing down and my whole body tingling.” Sleeping pills are not the answer. A report in the British Medical Journal which concluded that there is plenty of evidence that they cause “major harm” and that there was “little evidence of clinically meaningful benefit”. Just how marginally effective they are was vividly illustrated by a 2007 study by the American National Institutes of Health, which found that the newer drugs like zolpidem made you fall asleep only 12.8 minutes faster than with a fake pill and sleep for just 11 minutes longer. If your doctor wants to prescribe you anything ask for melatonin (3-6mg), the naturally occurring neurotransmitter that goes up when you sleep. In the US you can buy this over the counter. Caffeine depressed melatonin for up to 10 hours so don’t have nay caffeinated drink after noon.

In contrast, a placebo-controlled trial, supplementing GABA and 5-HTP, two natural supplements, cut the time taken to fall asleep from 32 minutes to 19 minutes and extended sleep from five to almost seven hours. Magnesium also makes a difference, relaxing both mind and muscles so great for leg cramps. You actually absorb some magnesium in an Epson salt bath.

Do read the Report The Power of Sleep and take some simple actions to ensure you get good quality sleep.