Improved calm and sleep starts today - Food for the Brain

Improved calm and sleep starts today

In the weeks that follow, starting now we’re going to guide you in taking simple steps to improve your sleep and mood, build your stress resilience, teach you ways to relax and restore energy and be more in control of your life.


There’s a bit of a vicious circle in that, if you don’t get good quality sleep you feel tired and wired and then it’s harder to deal with stressful circumstances, then emotional charge builds and, before long, you are bumping along in life without much satisfaction. Every one of these pieces can be unravelled, supported and improved and that’s what this month is about, starting with how to get a good night’s sleep.

It takes a few weeks to change habits and most of the exercises and suggestions will be new to you. Inevitably you’ll find some that work better for you than others. We encourage you to try them all because there is a combined effect which can help transform you to the point where you sleep well, feel much calmer and have more energy and enthusiasm.