Learn something new and physical with others - Food for the Brain

Learn something new and physical with others

The brain makes new connections for you when you challenge it. It’s important to learn something new and share that learning with others. What are you doing, or would like to do, that involves new learning that you can share with others?

Examples could be some new physical exercise such as attending yoga, t’ai chi, kick boxing, pilates or dance. If you say ‘good heavens, no. I’m clumsy or that’s not my kind of thing’ which means it is outside of your comfort zone, all the better. It’s good to have the attitude that you’re not learning if you’re not failing. You cannot learn without making mistakes. Mistakes are something you want to make every day by doing things outside of your immediate skill zone.


There is a great danger to narrow your life down into only those things you have complete mastery or control over until everything is in its right place, and your routine is just the same and then you get bored.

Take a risk. Join a book club if you prefer, or an interactive course, perhaps on gardening or growing vegetables, but, especially if you’re rather intellectually oriented, do something physical with others. Something like t’ai chi really engages your mind and body. You have to simultaneously engage many senses. Your mind, your breath, movement and balance. You’ll make mistakes. Others will help you. You get to meet a new group of people.

Your task for today is to find out what’s available in your area, pick two that you find most attractive, even if ‘scary’, then take a risk – pick one and sign up. You have nothing to lose except your mind and body if you don’t exercise them.