Meet the Brain Makers - Food for the Brain

Meet the Brain Makers

There are three fundamental requirements for building a brain cell (neuron), or rather the membrane through which chemicals called neurotransmitters pass, ‘communicating’ across this vast network. These three fundamental ‘brain makers’ are:

Please read the Report: The Brain Makers in the COGNITION Library.

In case you didn’t know, the whole origin of the brain and the first rudimentary nervous system happened in the ocean: tiny organisms used omega-3 DHA to convert solar energy into the first nerve twitch!


Our human evolution is entirely a product of a sub-species of ape from which we originate by exploiting the water’s edge of rivers, estuaries, swamplands, and wetlands. That’s how we became upright – the very high intake of marine food, incredibly rich in DHA, phospholipids and B vitamins, especially B12, was a pre-requisite for the development of Homo sapiens. In the Indonesian Ocean there are sea nomads, the tribes of the Moken and Bajou, who live on the sea, spend up to five hours in water each day, give birth in the sea and wean their children onto seaweed. Like dolphins, they’ve adapted to be able to hold their breath for several minutes. Like dolphins, it looks like we were edging towards a semi-aquatic life with the rich pickings of the ‘fruite del mar’ – the easiest food source for essential nutrients.

In fact, since 10,000 years ago, when mankind pretty much switched to land based agriculture as the primary source of food, our brain size has shrunk from then 1.49kg to now 1.35kg. Also, IQ is falling per generation and mental illness, including dementia, is rising.

Please watch this short interview with Professor Michael Crawford ‘Marine Foods and Omega-3 Made us Human’ .

In the next email, we’ll let you know what nutrients you need to take in, from seafood and/or supplements, to have a super healthy brain, at least as good as our ‘swampy’ semi-aquatic ancestors.