Cognitive decline and neurological disorders

At the Brain Bio Centre, we can offer tests to assess your nutritional and biochemical status
to allow us to provide you with a treatment plan tailored to your needs. For example, we
may recommend a test that measures your homocysteine level, as this is commonly raised
in those with dementia and is recognised as a risk factor by some authorities. If the level is
elevated, we will provide you with a nutrition and supplement plan to restore balance; in
this case with a focus on B vitamins.
Whether you have a specific health concern or not, or whether you simply want to support
the health of your brain, particularly as you get older, we can help. By fine-tuning your
nutrition and biochemistry, you support the health of body and mind, which means you may
reduce your risk or improve symptoms of age-related memory or mental health problems,
and are also likely to see an improvement in other age-related symptoms such as aches and
pains, sleep problems and concentration.
Did you know: In Europe alone, one million people develop impaired memory every year,

more than half of whom will go on to develop dementia. The positive news is that research
indicates that early intervention with dietary and lifestyle changes reduces the risk of
developing poor memory and may slow the progression of dementia (Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia).