Managing The Change - Supporting Physical & Mental Health Through Menopause - Food for the Brain
28 Apr

Managing The Change - Supporting Physical & Mental Health Through Menopause

Date: 28 April 2022
Time: 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Attend virtually:

This session provides a deep dive into menopause including the hormonal and brain changes that occur during this natural transition. The webinar will explore some of the physical and cognitive symptoms associated with menopause, and provide a variety of strategies to help manage menopausal symptoms.

This webinar is part of a mini-series in which we explore women’s mental health across the lifespan with particular emphasis on our cycle and hormones through to menopause.

Many women experience cognitive symptoms linked to their cycle including low mood, brain fog and anxiety, and these changes can often be debilitating, particularly during menopause. We’ll unpack the science behind these changes, explore the role of nutrition in balancing and supporting hormones, and provide lots of practical support and tips on how to optimise your physical and mental health.

** This webinar is pitched at everyone with an interest in mental health nutrition **
*** We do record all of our webinars so if you cannot attend live you will be sent a recording ***

About Anjanette Fraser

Anjanette is a BANT Registered Nutritionist of 17 years, holds an MSc in Nutritional Medicine, is an academic menopause researcher and is host of Bitesize Nutrition podcast. Anjanette spent many years as one of the lead Nutritionists at Nuffield Health and is also the Nutrition Director at The Natural Alternative Health & Wellbeing Ltd delivering seminars and webinars to organisations including BP, Bloomberg, PwC and Vodafone. She founded managingTHEchange in 2020 with the particular aim of creating awareness of menopause in the workplace.