Exploring the Role of Inflammation, Diet and the Environment in Depression with Ray Griffiths - Food for the Brain
19 May

Exploring the Role of Inflammation, Diet and the Environment in Depression with Ray Griffiths

Date: 19 May 2020
Time: 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Learn the science behind the role that our diet, environment and lifestyle can play in supporting neurogenesis and mental wellbeing.

What will be covered…

The part of the brain most heavily associated with mental health, memory, emotion and mood is called the ‘hippocampus’ – keeping this part of the brain energized and nourished is therefore essential for our mental health and wellbeing.

During a depressive episode, the hippocampus actually shrinks in size. Sadly, stress, poor diet and lifestyle can all accelerate this shrinkage. However, unusually for the brain, the hippocampus has the ability to regenerate itself–and to be able to regenerate the hippocampus we absolutely have to eat nutritious food, exercise and maintain rewarding social and environmental connections. 

Every single day there are 700 new cells produced in the hippocampus, but these cells need a tremendous amount of encouragement to make it from fledgling cells to fully-functioning adult neurons. Healthy neurons are needed to keep our hippocampus working effectively, to help maintain our sense of mental wellbeing. 

Learn more about the science behind how our diets, lifestyle, relationships and environment impact the process of neurogenesis, inflammation and changes in the gut microbiome, which collectively influence our emotional wellbeing. 

About Ray Griffiths

Ray Griffiths MSc is a Registered Nutritionist and Lecturer and hails from the South of England, living on the borders of Essex and Suffolk. He has been researching and practising nutrition for over 20 years and lecturing for over 10 years. Ray’s MSc dissertation was on the role that mitochondria play in Parkinson’s disease. His lectures and webinars have covered diverse subjects such as: cancer and nutrition, depression, chronic fatigue, cardiovascular health, neurodegeneration, MS and ageing. Ray has a background in Broadcast Engineering and likes to apply a similar style systems philosophy to nutrition and biochemistry – using this approach to challenge and greatly expand existing ideas and concepts. He is a keen water skier, was once a professional Speedway rider and has an interest in mythology and symbolism.

How to join:

Due to COVID-19, we will now be carrying out this event online via ZOOM, which is a video conferencing app that’s easily downloadable on your phone or laptop/computer. Once registering for this event, you will then receive an automated email 3 days before the webinar with the meeting I.D and password to enter. Please get in touch if you have any problems. Download ZOOM here: https://zoom.us