Folic acid & Children (2010)

This study explored the impact of folic acid on children. Dutch researchers report that the children of mothers who took folic acid supplements during pregnancy were better at internalising and externalising problems, compared to the children of mothers who did not take supplements. The researchers also suggested that supplementation during pregnancy may reduce incidence of mental health conditions in children, although this area requires further research.

Roza, S. J., van Batenburg-Eddes, T., Steegers, E. A., Jaddoe, V. W., Mackenbach, J. P., Hofman, A., Verhulst, F. C., & Tiemeier, H. (2010). Maternal folic acid supplement use in early pregnancy and child behavioural problems: The Generation R Study. The British journal of nutrition103(3), 445–452.

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