Food for the Brain is crowdfunding to support the upgrade of its Cognitive Function Test, already taken by 360,000 people around the world.

COG-NITION® is a personalised and interactive ‘brain upgrade’ programme designed to help people make positive changes step by step, with the support of an engaging and encouraging community. It has been created in collaboration with leading dementia experts including Professors David Smith and Jin-Tai Yu.

By supporting our crowdfunding campaign, you can help us launch COG-NITION® this autumn. The ultimate goal is to save a third of people from getting dementia, which means a 100,000 fewer cases a year in the UK alone.

As a charitable foundation, we rely on donations to continue our vital work in this area. Please give whatever you can – every £1 you give helps someone somewhere make the changes to prevent dementia.

Thank you for your support.