because prevention is better than cure.

because prevention is better than cure.

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Dan Kittredge 2 day Workshop 18-20th June

Patrick Holford of Food for the Brain hosts Dan Kittredge, founder of the BioNutrient Institute at Fforest Barn Retreat in the Black Mountains of Wales to teach you how to grow the most nutritious food for mind, body & spirit, arriving on Tuesday 18th for this two day workshop on 19th & 20th June.

Whether you are an enthusiast, amateur or commercial gardener, grower or farmer, nobody knows more about what really makes plants optimise their nutrition than Dan Kittredge, founder of the BioNutrient Institute and Executive Director of the BioNutrient Food Association. Dan is the son of prominent leaders in the organic movement and has been an organic farmer since childhood. His experience managing organic farms and developing sustainable agriculture techniques is unparalled. Dan is passionate about raising the quality of nutrition in our food supply through collaboration with committed individuals, businesses, and organizations such as Food for the Brain that support the value of people growing and eating really good food.

This hands on practical workshop provides an overview of six principles and practices of biological farming that increase the health of your soil and crops for greater yields, healthier produce and better marketability. It all happens in that first six inches of soil which we will learn how to turn into a hot bed of life. Thousands of growers have attended his courses since 2010.

Participation-based with questions and answers, the workshop is designed for growers, farmers and gardeners of any type to learn current research and proven methods, and go step-by-step through the processes that will lead to optimum crop health and sustained yield.

The workshop is designed to help participants grasp and apply innovative, reliable principles and practices for producing healthier, better tasting and more nutritious food crops. The course begins with an analysis of participants’ soil tests, and a discussion of recommended soil amendments and cover crops to address soil health deficiencies. We follow with a number of topics and themes related to helping plants achieve their full genetic potential through management of the environmental factors of soil, air, water, minerals and biodiversity. We will immerse ourselves further with a review of plant nutritional needs by growth stage and an array of troubleshooting and diagnostic approaches to guide you throughout the growing season.

In this Two Day Workshop you’ll hear about a wide range of topics, including:
  • The importance of seed quality and how to improve it.
  • The critical role of the bottom of the food chain, i.e the microbial community
  • Plant “early childhood development” and the life cycle patterns
  • Why and how we don’t need pesticides to manage pests.
  • Soil testing mineral and mineral balancing.
  • The importance of inoculation of your seeds and how to do it.
  • Conductivity and the BioNutrient Meter for in-season monitoring and management.
  • The BFA history, our vision for the future and strategy, including the science and meter development.
  • The soil food gut brain superhighway, presented by Patrick Holford
 …and answers to these questions
  • What is biological agriculture?
  • How have plants evolved to feed themselves and flourish?
  • What is the critical symbiotic relationship across kingdoms between plants, bacteria, fungi and animals?
  • How do I manage my soil for biological activity, including flourishing microbes and the elements of air, water and minerals?
  • How can I engage direct perception, subtle awareness and sentience to improve my land management and health?
What people say about the workshop:

This course made me realize that all food is not equal. Although one carrot may look similar to another carrot, there’s a mountain of potential differences in how and where it was planted, taken care of and harvested. – I see now why the Bionutrient Meter is an essential tool for the future of food.” Adam P.

Participating in “Principles in Biological Systems” was a true pleasure. It was an experience I will not soon stop pondering. I am all in on the practical information and truly trying to question my own practices and thoughts on what I do and why I do it. I also immensely enjoyed what was well hidden behind the science and those moments, ponderances and deeper conversations were actually the most valuable concepts for me to take home and sit with. I seriously feel giddy about the actual, tangible possibilities. Thank you.” – Shauna E

” There are often twenty-fold differences in the nutrient quality and quantity of the same food, which makes the statement ‘you can get all the nutrients you need from a well balanced diet’ meaningless.

More than anyone I know Dan knows why and how to perfect the way you grow food, on a small or large scale, to maximise both nutrition and yield. In this workshop you will learn the state of the art of the science of working with plant biology to achieve optimum nutrition.

As an aspiring grower of much of my own food, I want to know how to do it right. That’s why I’ve invited leading expert, Dan Kittredge to our farm and Food Fforest at Forest Coal Pit, near Abergavenny in the Black Mountains of Wales.”
Patrick Holford, founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and the Food for the Brain Foundation.

Workshop Details:
  • Dates: 19th & 20th June
  • Places are strictly limited to 18 people staying at Fforest Barn and 6 coming for the workshop days. If you are not staying please arrive by 9am on Wednesday 19th.
  • If you are staying please arrive by 7pm on Tuesday 18th, in time for dinner. You are welcome from 4pm. Fforest Barn Retreat (NP7 7LL), near Abergavenny, is 2.5 hours from Paddington or Manchester by train or car.
  • The workshop costs £350 with accommodation and £250 without, including delicious, home grown organic food by chef Dan le Fevre.

How to book your place:
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