Avoid Anti-Nutrients and Identify Food Allergies - Food for the Brain

Which foods rob your child’s brain of nutrients?

Anti-nutrients are substances that knock out essential brain-friendly nutrients. Some children develop an allergy or intolerance against particular foods.

How do I avoid anti-nutrients?

Avoid or minimise:

  • Refined sugar: These are essentially carbohydrates robbed of essential nutrients.
  • Damaged fats: These come from fried foods and hydrogenated fats.
  • Chemical food additives: Especially colourings.

Food Intolerances:

As many as one in five adults and children, and probably one in three with behavioural problems, react allergically to common foods such as milk, wheat, yeast and eggs. The knowledge that allergy to foods and chemicals can adversely affect moods and behaviour in children has been known, and ignored, for a very long time.

Identify Food Intolerances:

Food intolerances can be detected by a pin prick blood test (see www.yorktest.com) or by a regular blood draw ( see www.biolab.co.uk)

Alternatively you could try eliminating a food group you think your child is allergic to and re-assess their mood and behaviour weekly.