Omega 3 and schizophrenia (2016)

This study investigated omega 3 and schizophrenia. Specifically, the study explored the effect of omega-3 supplementation in symptom severity in schizophrenic patients over a long period of time, as previous studies have had mixed findings when interventions lasted 10-12 weeks.  A randomized placebo-controlled trial was conducted over 26 weeks to study whether omega-3 fatty acids would have an effect on symptom severity in first episode schizophrenic patients. 71 patients were assigned either a placebo of olive oil or 2.2g/day of omega-3 supplement. Severity of symptoms were measured using the positive and negative syndrome scale (PANNSS). A 50% improvement in symptom severity was recorded more frequently in the omega-3 group compared to the placebo group. Significant improvements were found in depressive symptoms, the level of functioning and clinical global impression when patients were supplemented. These findings suggest that a 6-month intervention of omega-3 supplementation may be able to decrease symptom severity in first episode schizophrenia patients.

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Pawełczyk T, Grancow-Grabka M, Kotlicka-Antczak M, Trafalska E, Pawełczyk A. A randomized controlled study of the efficacy of six-month supplementation with concentrated fish oil rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in first episode schizophrenia. J Psychiatr Res. 2016 Feb;73:34-44.