Omega-3 & Pregnancy (2008)

This study explored omega 3 & pregnancy. Canadian researchers found that higher levels of the omega-3 DHA in the umbilical cord at birth was associated with better vision at 6 months of age and better performance in mental and coordination tests at 11 months in a study of 109 babies. Higher levels of DHA were also associated with a lower rate of pre-term delivery. The same benefits to the baby were not seen from DHA in breast milk, leading the researchers to assert that DHA is particularly important in the 3rd trimester as the brain goes through a ‘growth spurt’. DHA is found in oily fish and seed oils.

J L Jacobson et al. ‘Beneficial effects of a polyunsaturated fatty acid on infant development: evidence from the inuit of arctic Quebec.’ J Pediatr. 2008 Mar;152(3):356-64

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