because prevention is better than cure.

because prevention is better than cure.

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HbA1c (glucose control)

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Hemoglobin A1c is a measure of how healthy average blood sugar levels have been in the recent few months, and is a better representation of blood sugar resilience than a single glucose measurement, since glucose levels vary throughout the day. HbA1c forms in the blood when a hemoglobin molecule in a red blood cell binds with a glucose molecule in the blood; the resulting molecule is also known as glycated hemoglobin (sugar coated or damaged red blood cells).

It can be a good indicator of glucose intolerance even in the absence of abnormal fasting glucose levels indicating the need to reduce your intake of sugar, carbohydrates and alcohol.

A level above 7% (53nmol/mol) is indicative of diabetes, while 6.5% is considered pre-diabetic. You certainly want to get your score below 5.9% (41nmol/l). Optimal is below 5.5%.

For more information read the FAQ here.

How the Test Works

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What’s in the kit?

Enrollment with the purchase of a HbA1c blood spot test kit includes:

  • 2-3 lancets
  • Blood spot card(s) for the tests ordered
  • 1 envelope for returning your blood spot card
  • 1 gauze pad, 1 band aid, and 1 alcohol swab

When you order your kit, you will also be participating as a citizen scientist in the world’s most comprehensive Alzheimer’s prevention project. You will be invited to retest your Cognitive Function every six months, and encouraged to reduce your Dementia Risk Index by joining COGNITION, the ‘brain upgrade’ program. This takes you through a six month cycle to motivate simple diet and lifestyle changes to reduce your Dementia Risk Index.

You may choose to retest every 3 months, 6 months or year and, can, at anytime, change your order. For example, if you bring one test into the ‘green’ on the DRIfT section of your DASHBOARD you may only wish to retest other important biochemical markers. If you have selected a retest option we’ll remind you.

Included in the HbA1c test kit is:

  • 2 lancets
  • 1 Vitamin D blood spot card
  • 1 envelope for returning the card
  • 1 gauze pad, 1 band aid, and 1 alcohol swab