Programme Manager - Food for the Brain

This is an exceptional opportunity for someone who has office-based experience, a keen interest, energy and enthusiasm to work at Food for the Brain, a charity committed to increasing public awareness of the importance of nutrition in optimising the mental health and wellbeing of people of all ages. 

The person appointed will lead and manage key charitable projects and assist the CEO and team in administrative tasks where required. 

Responsibilities include: 

Managing the Dementia Programme including the Cognitive Function Test

Coordinate between key stakeholders to ensure timely delivery of required content and instructions for contractors to be able to complete any development work 

Work with the development team to ensure data is correctly and safely stored and is compliant with all privacy and GDPR requirements for medical data

Coordinate and complete, with the support of external research and cognitive health experts, the re-validation of the updated and expanded Cognitive Function Test 

Identifying opportunities to further increase the numbers taking the test and then ascertaining the appetite/pricing point for the phase 2 product 

On an ongoing basis: 

Carrying out market research and proactively identifying new opportunities for business development surrounding this important project. 

Working with key Board members, cognitive health experts, external contractors and the Foundation team to monitor the running and results of the Cognitive Function Test

Produce analysis and impact reporting on the data received, ensuring the integrity of the data 

Participate in writing and publishing research findings 

Managing other projects as they arise including the Step Forward Fund: 

Responsibility for all aspects of running the operational elements of the Step Forward Fund as well as supporting the CEO with associated fundraising plans. This includes keeping a close eye on the financial aspects of the Fund to ensure appropriate expenditure management for both the Fund and its recipients 

Overseeing and managing the administration and selection process of the Step Forward Fund recipients, ensuring this is GDPR compliant 

Liaising with clinic staff to ensure appropriate clinic management

Overseeing Fund recipient progress through completion of scientifically-backed monitoring forms 

Where possible, developing case studies and fundraising materials based on the experience of Fund recipients 

Working with the Communications Manager and wider team as needed to prepare impact reports and support communication thereon 

Keeping working and strategy documents up to date 

Support the CEO and Food For the Brain Foundation Team with regards to administrative requirements: 

Manage incoming inquiries in the general email box for the Foundation ○ Assist the CEO with governance such as managing any service subscriptions, assisting with preparing for Board meetings and taking minutes during Board meetings 

Support the CEO with operational tasks such as managing holiday lists, sick leave logs, birthdays and any HR management tasks as necessary

Support the Communications Manager in management of social media posts and engagement as well as the preparation of the monthly e-News as required


Currently, the post is for the equivalent of 3 days a week with flexibility in how this is delivered, but preference would be to work Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Salary (pro rata) will depend on previous experience and qualifications, but will be in the region of £21,000 to £24,000 per annum. 

Required Skills and Attributes: 

 Desirable Skills and Attributes: 

Location: currently remote, but a preference for London, UK based professionals

How to apply:

Please send a cover letter and your CV to with the subject line as: Executive Assistant and Project Manager application